COS/MUS 325 Transform Your Reality!!

Week 1: The Time Domain
Mon. 2/2 Topics: Motivations and Teasers, Time Domain, Sampling, Quantization,
Resampling, Changing Pitch and Time
Tools: Audacity, GoldWave, CoolEdit, snd, sndview,
srconvrt.c & quantize.c
Music: Symphonie Pour Un Homme Seul (1952)
Pierre Schaeffer
Wed. 2/4 Topics: Time/Pitch Tradeoff,
AutoCorrelation, AMDF, PSOLA
Tools: timeshif.c & pitch.c
ChucK and MiniAudicle
Music: Leviathan (1989)
Bill Schottstaedt
Computer Music Currents
Digital Music CD#3
Readings: Cook Chapters 1 and 2

Compile and run ANSII.c examples in TimeStuf directory
You can get here
Download and run some ChucK examples
Assignment 1 Due Wednesday, February 11, in class

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