COS 323 - Computing for the Physical and Social Sciences

Spring 2006

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Assignment 1: Image alignment
Due Feb 28. (Avg: 81.75, Std: 15.19)

Assignment 2: Solving linear systems
Due Mar 14 (Avg: 95.06, Std: 11.60)

Assignment 3: Integration
Due Apr 18 (Avg: 98.00, Std: 8.15)

Assignment 4: ODEs
Due May 2

Final project
Proposal due May 4
Final writeup due May14

Late Policy

The assignments are due at 11:59 PM on the due date. You are given 3 free late days that you can use any time during the semester.

Collaboration Policy

You may discuss assignments with others, but everything handed in must be your own work. All code must be your own - you may not use code from your classmates, the internet, or any other source.

Submitting Your Work

Please submit your solutions to the programming assignments electronically, by creating a .zip or .tar.gz file containing your code, results, and a README and attaching it to an email to Alternatively, you may create a web page documenting your results (please include a link to your code), and send me the URL.

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