Assignment 2 - Ray Tracing
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File List

Main Ray Tracing code:

Shape Classes:

Light Classes:

Other Code:

Class List

File Name Type Name Subclass Of
shape.h class Shape -
shape.h struct IntersectionInfo -
group.[cpp/h] class ShapeListElement -
group.[cpp/h] class Group Shape
rayFileInstance.[cpp/h] class RayFileInstance Shape
triangle.[cpp/h] class Triangle Shape
sphere.[cpp/h] class Sphere Shape
cone.[cpp/h] class Cone Shape
cylinder.[cpp/h] class Cylinder Shape
box.[cpp/h] class Box Shape
line.[cpp/h] class Line Shape
light.h class Light -
pointLight.[cpp/h] class PointLight Light
directionalLight.[cpp/h] class DirectionalLight Light
spotLight.[cpp/h] class SpotLight Light
scene.[cpp/h] class Camera -
scene.[cpp/h] class Vertex -
scene.[cpp/h] class Material -
scene.[cpp/h] class Texture -
scene.[cpp/h] class RayFile -
scene.[cpp/h] class Scene -
geometry.[cpp/h] class Point2D -
geometry.[cpp/h] class Point3D -
geometry.[cpp/h] class Ray -
geometry.[cpp/h] class Matrix -
boundingBox.[cpp/h] class BoundingBox -
bmp.[cpp/h] struct Pixel -
bmp.[cpp/h] struct Image -

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Function List

File Name Function Name
ray.[cpp/h] Image* RayTrace(const char* fileName, int width, int height, int rLimit, float cLimit)
ray.[cpp/h] Point3D GetColor(Scene scene, Ray ray, IntersectionInfo iInfo, int rDepth, float cLimit)
main.cpp int main(int argc, char** argv)
geometry.[cpp/h] Matrix IdentityMatrix(void)
bmp.[cpp/h] Image* ImageNew(int width, int height)
bmp.[cpp/h] void ImageFree(Image** img)
bmp.[cpp/h] void ImageCopy(Image* src, Image* dst)
bmp.[cpp/h] int ImageIsValid(Image* img)
bmp.[cpp/h] Pixel* ImageGetPixel(Image* img, int x, int y)
bmp.[cpp/h] void ImageSetPixel(Image* img, int x, int y, Pixel* p)

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Class Description

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Description of Class Members and Methods

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