COS 496: Information Security

Spring 2000

General information

Date Lecture topic Homework Due
Tue 1 Feb How to Think About Security
Thu 3 Feb ATM Card Example; Cryptography Basics
Tue 8 Feb [class cancelled] Assignment 0: Warmup
Thu 10 Feb Storing Data Securely on Insecure Media: Confidentiality
Tue 15 Feb Storing Data Securely on Insecure Media: Integrity and Random Numbers Assignment 1: ATM Card Authentication
Thu 17 Feb Authenticating People
Tue 22 Feb Proving Properties of Programs (guest lecture by Prof. Appel)
Thu 24 Feb Cryptographic Protocols
Tue 29 Feb Digital Signatures and Public-Key Cryptography Assignment 2: Teller Login
Thu 2 Mar Secure Communication
Tue 7 Mar Crypto in the Real World Assignment 3: Design Review for Teller Login
Thu 9 Mar Midterm Exam
Tue 21 Mar Protecting Hosts from Malicious Programs
Thu 23 Mar Memory Safety
Tue 28 Mar Access Control Assignment 4: Communications Security
Thu 30 Mar Information Flow and Multi-Level Security
Tue 4 Apr Network Security: Protecting the Infrastructure Assignment 5: Design Review for Communications Security
Thu 6 Apr Firewalls and Virtual Private Networks
Tue 11 Apr Privacy and Anonymity
Thu 13 Apr E-Commerce Security: On-line systems
Tue 18 Apr E-Commerce Security: Off-line systems Assignment 6: Lottery Security Design
Thu 20 Apr Tamper-Resistant Devices, and Protecting Programs Against Hosts
Tue 25 Apr Security Issues in Wireless Networking
Thu 27 Apr TBA Assignment 7: Design Review for Lottery Security

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