Lab 9
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Finishing up and shutting down

Submitting your work

You should have two HTML files: one to view the results of your HTree.class and one to view the results of your MyPicture.class. The HTML file for HTree.class should also contain a link to your file. The HTML file for MyPicture.class should also contain a link to your file and the description of what you did to make the picture. Make sure all the files listed below under "Transferring saved work" are in your public_html directory or in the same sub-directory of your public_html directory. Send an email to with the URLs of the HTML files.

Transferring saved work

Make sure the following files have been transferred to your public_html directory or one sub-directory of your public_html directory on your Unix account (network drive). The first two files on this list get created when you compile

Logging off of Windows NT

If you've completed the lab, sent your email to and transferred your work to your Unix account, then you are finished and ready to log off of Windows NT. Before you do, please remove the "Compile all files" command just as you did in Lab 8. Also, delete from the desktop the local copies of your saved work. Finally, choose either of the following familiar options to log out:

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