Princeton University
Computer Science Dept.

Computer Science 597a
Advanced Topics in Computer Science: Scalable Internet Services and Infrastructure

J.P. Singh

Fall 1999

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Course Summary

Internet services have become important applications for scalable systems, but support for building them effectively is not well understood. They also bring in a new element of scalability, which is the number of clients using the service.

In this project-oriented course, we will read about, discuss and build interesting internet services, and use them to drive the design of novel, scalable software infrastructure to support these services. Participants in the course will work in groups, some groups building interesting services and other groups focusing on cluster infrastructure (starting from infrastructure that we have available to us). Actually building the services and infrastructure will be the main focus of the course, with the readings being supplemental. Only students interested in participating in such projects should take the course.

The course will be run by J.P. Singh, Kai Li, Stef Damianakis and Randy Wang.

Administrative Information

Lectures: Friday 3-5:30 pm, Room: 402

Professor: J.P. Singh - 423 CS Building - 258-5329

Undergraduate Coordinator: Tina McCoy - 410 CS Building - 258-1746

Teaching Assistants: