CS109 Schedule, Fall 1999

Thu Dec 9 07:39:43 EST 1999


Click on the lab name in the schedule below to reach the lab assignment for the week. Lab solutions are due by 5:00 PM Friday in the week they are assigned. No credit can be given for late submissions unless there are extraordinary circumstances or prior arrangements.

Problem Sets:

Click on the problem set number in the schedule below to reach the problem set assigned that week. Problem set solutions are due by 5:00 PM Tuesday, one week after they are assigned. No credit can be given for late submissions unless there are extraordinary circumstances or prior arrangements. Problem sets should be submitted by putting them in the collection box near the mailboxes in the lobby of the second floor of the Computer Science building. If you wish to submit a problem set early, you may bring it to lecture.


Subject to change. Be sure to check readings and assignments for changes up to a week before due.

Sep 20, 22 Introduction, administration. What's in a computer
Reading: Brookshear Chapter 0, 2.1-2.3; article on How microprocessors work
Problem set 1, due Sep 28
Sep 27, 29 CPU, memory, disks, etc. Bits, bytes, and representation.
Reading: Brookshear 1.1-1.6, 2.4-2.6; Intel web pages on how chips are made and Moore's Law.
Lab 1: Windows NT, Netscape, Telnet, mail, FTP
Problem set 2, due Oct 5
Oct 4, 6 Bits & bytes. Software and algorithms
Reading: Brookshear 4.1-4.4, 5.1-5.3
Lab 2: Information retrieval and the web
Problem set 3, due Oct 12
Oct 11, 13 Languages, programming; Visual Basic
Reading: a tutorial on the VB environment; you might also look at a much longer tutorial.
Lab 3: HTML and web page design
Problem set 4, due Oct 19
Oct 18, 20 Visual Basic. Operating systems & applications
Reading: Brookshear 3.1-3.4, 8.1-8.2 (files), 6.1-6.7 (skim only)
Lab 4: Introduction to Visual Basic / Programming fundamentals
Oct 25, 27 Operating systems, applications, real-world programming.
Networks & communications

Reading: Dave Farber's testimony; Ed Felten's testimony
Take-home midterm, due Oct 29 5PM. (Will be handed out in class Oct 25.) . Midterm answers
no lab, no problem set
  [fall break]
Nov 8, 10 Internet
Reading: Brookshear 3.5-3.6; skim some of the Internet history papers
Lab 5: More Visual Basic / user interfaces
Problem set 5, due Nov 16
Nov 15, 17 World Wide Web
Reading - browse around in the following: Web history; what do they know about you? FAQ on cryptography
Lab 6: Computer graphics
Problem set 6, due Nov 23
Nov 22, 24 Security and privacy; Thanksgiving special
Reading: Newsweek article on online privacy (11/22/99 issue: talk about topical!)
No problem set or lab this week
Nov 29,
Dec 1
Guest lecturer on Nov 29: Susan Saltrick '78, The TLT Group
Reading: Susan Saltrick's Through a Dark Wood and Slowness
Dec 1: Cryptography.
Lab 7: Advanced HTML
Problem set 7, due Dec 7
Dec 6, 8 Search engines.
Guest lecturer on Dec 8:
Ira Fuchs, Vice President for Computing and Information Technology, talks about Y2K.
Reading: Brookshear 1-8, 1-9.
Lab 8: Sound and multimedia
Problem set 8, due Dec 14
Dec 13, 15 Case studies: Compression & error detection; cellular telephony. Wrapup
No more labs or problem sets!
  [Christmas holiday]
Jan 17 Final exam, Monday, Jan 17, 7:30PM, Peyton 145 Official schedule page