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Project 0 - Snapshot
Assigned: 09/12/97
Due: 09/17/97
Points: 0

We want to make a Web page with everybody taking the class, so we want everybody's picture. This helps us get to know you, and it helps you get to know each other, too. Follow these steps, and you'll be all set:

1. Log into one of the MECA Indy workstations (E-Quad, room E426).

2. Run capture.

3. Adjust the camera to get your beautiful mug centered and focused. You can twist the lens to focus it.

4. If you want, you can poke around the control panels and adjust the colors so whites are white instead of yellow. Try holding a piece of white paper in front of the camera while hitting the White Balance button.

5. Click on the icon in the lower left and drag down to the picture of a still camera.

6. Make sure the resolution is 640x480 (the largest possible). If it's lower, you can change it from the Settings... option, on the Actions menu. You want Frame Size to be Full Size and Crop Area to be No Crop.

7. Punch the Record button when you like the picture. Smile! This saves a file in your home directory with a name like capture.rgb at a resolution of 640x480 pixels.

8. Save the 640x480 version because you'll need it for Assignment 2. However, your images for the COS 426 home page should be 160x120, so you need to shrink the one you have. One way of doing this from the shell is:

% izoom capture.rgb me.rgb 0.25 0.25 -m

If you couldn't find the izoom program, either you're not running on a Silicon Graphics or you don't have /usr/sbin in your path.

9. Next, convert to a GIF image. A simple way of doing this is:

% togif me.rgb me.gif

10. Finally, submit your picture.

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