MIPS R10000 Document Handout

COS 471, Fall 1996

In the next-to-last week of the course we will study the most advanced MIPS implementation currently available, the R10000 chip. The documents listed below (and possibly stapled to this sheet, if this is hardcopy) were grabbed from the R10000 Website, http://www.mips.com/products/r10k/. These documents of course convey the manufacturer's point of view, and should not be thought of as an objective, academic treatment of the design.

1. A photograph of the chip (1 page)
2. CPU Instruction Set (11 pages)
The beginning pages of Appendix A of the MIPS IV Instruction Set specification.
3. Selected instruction descriptions (13 pages)
Technical specifications of a subset of the MIPS IV instructions--just enough for certain problem-set questions (extracted from Appendix A of the above document).
4. R10000 Technical Brief (12 pages)
A glossy overview of the chip, but with some useful technical detail.
5. Introduction to the R10000 Processor (28 pages)
This is Chapter 1 of the MIPS R10000 Microprocessor User's Manual.