COS 597C - Advanced Topics in Computer Science - Advances in Image Processing

Fall 2017

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We will be reading a variety of recent papers, together with a few "classic" papers (and some papers of local interest) for context.


Date Topic Readings
Mon, Sep 18 Image completion / inpainting [Barnes09], [Yang17], [Iizuka17]
Mon, Sep 25 Computational photography [Heide14], [Heide16], [Gharbi16]
Mon, Oct 2 Color [Liu14], [Yan16], [Koyama17]
Mon, Oct 9 Warping and scaling [Fried16], [Badki17], [Gastal17]
Mon, Oct 16 Texture analysis / synthesis [Gatys15], [Sendik17], [Moritz17]
Mon, Oct 23 Stylization and style transfer [Gatys16], [Selim16], [Gatys17]
Mon, Oct 30 No class - fall break
Mon, Nov 6 Image enrichment [Zhang17], [Eilertsen17], [Averbuch-Elor17]
Mon, Nov 13 Painting, processing, compression [Lukáč13], [Chen17], [Baig17]
Mon, Nov 20 Segmentation and grouping [Kundu16], [Tan16], [Aksoy17], [Lun17]
Mon, Nov 27 No class
Mon, Dec 4 Shape and appearance [Baek16], [Kar17], [Li17]
Mon, Dec 11 Depth estimation and object detection [Zhou17], [Ummenhofer17], [Deng17]

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