Princeton University
Computer Science Department

COS 516 / ELE 516
Automated Reasoning about Software

Aarti Gupta

Fall 2017

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The schedule may change during the semester. Please check it frequently.

Week/Dates Lectures Readings Homework (posted)
Week 0: Sept 13 Introduction, Course overview
Week 1: Sept 18, 20 Review of logic, Program verification intro [BM Ch 1, 2], [R1], [BM Ch 4-6] HW1
Week 2: Sept 25, 27 SAT solvers, SMT solvers [R2], [BM Ch 3], [R3], [R4] HW2
Week 3: Oct 2, 4 Temporal logic, Model checking [R5]
Week 4: Oct 9, 11 Symbolic model checking: BDD-based, SAT-based [R6], [R7] HW3
Week 5: Oct 16, 18 Software model checking: CEGAR, Interpolant-based [R8] HW4
Week 6: Oct 23
Midterm Exam: Oct 25
Software model checking, Review for Midterm Project Outline due
Fall Break
Week 7: Nov 6, 8 Automatic invariant generation [BM Ch 12]
Week 8: Nov 13, 15 Program synthesis [R9]
Week 9: Nov 20
Nov 22: Thanksgiving break
Symbolic execution and test generation [R10] HW5
Week 10: Nov 27, 29 Network verification [R11], [R12] Project Interim Report due
Week 11: Dec 4, 6 Concurrent program verification, Security verification
Week 12: Dec 11, 13 Student Project Presentations
NO Final Exam Project Report due on Dean's Date: January 16, 2018.


[BM Chapters 1-6, 12]
The Calculus of Computation: Decision Procedures with Applications to Verification
by Aaron R. Bradley and Zohar Manna
Electronic version


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