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Fall 2017

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Information about the Course Project

Check back for updates

Each student or pair of students will do a final project of their choosing related to the material of the course.

Project requirements:

Preliminary proposal presentation in class Wednesday Oct. 18, 2017:

One presentation per project with presentation slides (PowerPoint or PDF).  Your presentation should be about 5 minutes long.  It should describe the motivation and goals of the project.  (Motivation = why did you pick this?)  There will be time for questions and discussion. 

Email me ( your slides before class.   Be sure that both partners' names are on the title slide.

In addition to the class discussion, I will give private feedback via email after class.

Progress report
November 20 or 21 (just before Thanksgiving Break): 

Meet with me to discuss your progress on your project; partners come together. Expect to spend about 15 minutes discussing your work to date.   You will not give a formal presentation, but you should prepare slides (about  8) that summarize any algorithms, system architecture, or experiments you are developing for the project.   Email these to Professor LaPaugh ahead of your meeting time.  She will review them before your meeting.

Instructions for making your appointment will be given a couple weeks before the date.

Project Report due 5:00 pm Dean's Date, Tuesday January 16, 2018:

You are required to submit a final report that describes your project (one report for both partners). This must include the statement of the topic and the goals of the project, your methodology and the results. If it is an experimental project, you need to describe what was implemented, the major implementation decisions,  how you designed the experiments, and the experimental results. If you developed a system or tool, you may not have experiments per se, but you must describe how you are evaluating the project and the outcome.  You should also relate your work to other work on the problem.  Your code should be in an appendix or posted on a Web page with the URL provided (Web posting is preferred).  For any type of project, be sure to include a bibliography of all the sources you used, including software packages. 

Keep in mind that evaluation is an important part of any project. Be clear on the goals of your project and how you demonstrate or measure success.

Your project should be typeset in 12pt Times-Roman font, 1-inch margins, double-spaced.  Projects are typically 10-15 pages long, including figures.  You may go longer, but not more than 25 pages.  If your paper is much less than 10 pages, you probably have not done justice to some of the elements above.  Be sure the names of all partners appear on the title page and that all partners sign the "this is my own work" pledge.

Projects will be graded on thoroughness and depth of thought. Difficulty will be taken into consideration.

Submit your final report using the Computer Science Department DropBox submission system for COS435 at Name your file projectReport.pdf

Project Demonstrations:  Details to be announced

List of suggested projects:

You can do any kind of project that explores something in complex network analysis.  Some typical kinds of projects are

Below are some sample topics.  Most of the sample topics are fairly broad and need further refinement based on students' particular interests. Students are encouraged to suggest other project topics based on their own interests.  Check back for updates and additions.

A sample of recent student projects (can be re-used):
Some other possibilites:
Please see  Resources for Projects in Information Retrieval, Data Mining and Complex Network Analysis  for a list of available data sets and software.  If you need something and can't find it, ask for help!

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