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COS597C: Interactive illustrations

  • Fall 2015 special topics graduate seminar in computer science
  • Instructor: Adam Finkelstein
  • Meeting: MW 3:00-4:20pm CS Bldg room 301

Course Description

Illustrations like diagrams, graphs, charts, and maps convey certain kinds of information more effectively that text alone. Moreover as illustrations become dynamic, a range of interactive possibilities emerge that offers huge advantages over their static counterparts. For example, consider the relative merits of Google Maps versus a printed atlas.

Designers, artists, and educators developed conventions and techniques over many centuries for conveying specialized concepts using illustrations intended for print. Print media underwent a revolution in the 1980s with the advent of desktop publishing, and the digital design world responded by advancing a suite of tools for creating static illustrations. These tools are now mature, and a generation of designers are capable of working fluidly in this medium.

We are now experiencing a second revolution as various print media transition from physical objects into digital artifacts read on electronic devices. This shift offers several opportunities unavailable in the static print world. Readers can now interact with dynamic illustrations, providing them a more active, engaged experience and supporting a deeper understanding of the underlying concepts. However, the digital tools for creating interactive illustrations remain primitive, and the design world is still exploring the range of possibility in this new medium.

In this seminar we will investigate the nature and future of interactive illustrations through readings, guest interviews with domain experts, and practical experimentation. The structure and flow of the seminar will be guided by the participants. While it is a graduate seminar, undergrads are also welcome.

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