COS 109 Survey and Lab Section Preference

Mon Sep 8 08:36:41 EDT 2014

Your name, including preferred given name, and class:

Your netid:

Your major or likely or possible major:

Your life outside class, e.g., sports, music, theater, service, job, sleep, ...:

Your computer experience:           a lot           some           a little           none

What kind of computer(s) do you have here?         PC         Mac         none

What kind of cell phone(s) do you have?        iPhone        other smartphone        regular phone        none

Who is your cell phone provider?       Verizon       AT&T       Sprint       T-Mobile

Do you have an e-book reader like a Kindle?         Kindle         Nook         other

Do you have a tablet like an iPad?         iPad         other (e.g., Android, Surface)

Are there any topics you would especially like to hear about in class?

If you weren't able to fill this out in class, please email the information to as soon as possible. Thanks.