Computer Science 432
Information Security
Fall 2013

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Wed 11 Sep Message integrity and pseudorandom functions
Mon 16 Sep Randomness, pseudorandomness, and stream ciphers
Wed 18 Sep Block ciphers
Mon 23 Sep Public-key cryptography
Wed 25 Sep Key exchange and key management
Mon 30 Sep Authenticating people
Wed 2 Oct Public key infrastructure
Mon 7 Oct System security
Wed 9 Oct Anonymous communication
Mon 14 Oct Spam
Wed 16 Oct Guest lecture: Prof. Ed Felten
Mon 21 Oct Tamper resistance and trusted computing
Wed 23 Oct Web attacks and defenses
Mon 4 Nov Network security: protecting the infrastructure
Wed 6 Nov Firewalls and virtual private networks
Mon 11 Nov Malware
Wed 13 Nov E-commerce security
Mon 18 Nov Bitcoin
Wed 20 Nov Privacy technologies
Mon 25 Nov Web security and privacy, part 1
Mon 2 Dec Web security and privacy, part 2
Wed 4 Dec Human factors in security
Mon 9 Dec Economics of security
Wed 11 Dec Ethics of security


Tue 24 Sep Homework 1
Tue 1 Oct Homework 2
Tue 8 Oct Homework 3
Sat 26 Oct Homework 4
Sun 10 Nov Homework 5
Sun 17 Nov Homework 6
Tue 26 Nov Homework 7
Sun 15 Dec Homework 8
Sat 18 Jan - 1:30 pm
Frick Chem Lab B02
Final Exam
Open notes, open homework
Here are two sample finals

Submission policy.  For the programming assignments (assignments #1, #2, and #3), you must submit your solutions electronically via the Dropbox submission system. You will need to type your Princeton netID and password for authentication. Be sure to include your name and login at the top of every file you submit. Also be sure to click the Check All Submitted Files button to make sure that you have submitted all of the required files and that they compile cleanly. If you do not follow these directions, you will lose a substantial number of points.

You can resubmit and unsubmit files as needed up until the submission deadline. However, once the submission deadline passes, you should not resubmit or unsubmit files: if you wish to submit an assignment late, be sure that your submission directory is empty from the deadline until you are ready to submit all of your files for that assignment. Any files that have been submitted at grading time will be graded as is.

Lateness policy.   Homework will be due at 11:59 pm. Late homework will lose 10% of its value for every day of lateness. Homework more than seven days late will not be accepted.

No homework extensions will be given except in extraordinary circumstances (such as documented illness), and then only if the official university procedures are followed.

Collaboration policy.   Unless the assignment explicitly states otherwise, you may not collaborate with other students on the homework. (Of course, if it is a group assignment, you should collaborate within your group!) If you make use of outside sources, you should disclose that fact and cite the sources, as you would in any scholarly work.

Important note.   Please do not publish solutions to programming assignments in a way that could compromise their utility as pedagogical tools. At Princeton, this is a violation of the basic rights, rules and responsibilities of members of the university community.