COS 226 Midterm Information, Fall 2012

Office Hours leading up to exam (10/20-10/22):

Sat 8-10pm Friend 017 Dan Larkin
Sun 5-7pm CS 003 Diego
Perez Botero
Mon 3:30-5:30pm CS205 Maia Ginsburg
Mon 7-9pm CS 003 Dushyant
Mon 8-10pm Friend 017 Ankit Garg



Material covered:

Q&A Session

Sunday, October 21, 3-5pm, CS104.

The precept before the exam will be devoted to Q+A and review.

List of algorithms and data structures:

quick-find weighted quick-union path compression stacks queues
binary search Knuth shuffle insertion sort selection sort shellsort
mergesort bottom-up mergesort quicksort 3-way quicksort heapsort
binary heaps sequential search BSTs 2-3 trees left-leaning red-black BSTs
separate chaining linear probing Graham scan kd trees interval search trees

A good way to practice for the midterm is to solve problems from old exams.