Reading Period Precept Schedule

The Reading Period precepts explain the final project. Attend any ONE of the following times:
Jan 8Tues 13:30 - 15:00 Friend 006

Jan 9Weds 13:30 - 15:00 Friend 006
16:30 - 18:00 Friend 006

Reading Period Office Hours

The final project is due 21:00 Monday, Jan 14.
Here is the special office hour schedule for Reading Period. This schedule is subject to change. Please check it before going to office hours. (Hit Refresh/Reload.) It lists both the place and the time of office hours. Friend 016 or 017 are referred to as (lab).
Preceptors are also available by appointment.
The lab TA schedule begins after winter break on Tuesday, Jan 8 and continues through and including Monday, Jan 14, although times and staffing may vary. In particular, on Monday, Jan 14, the lab TAs will be available 5-9pm only.
Jan 7Mon Kevin Lee 2-4 PM in CS 001A
Jan 8Tues Shilpa Nadimpalli 12-2 PM in CS 103B
Adam Finkelstein 2-4 PM in CS 424
Sachin Ravi 4-6 PM in CS 001A

Jan 9Weds Shilpa Nadimpalli 11 AM - 1 PM in CS 103B
Kevin Lee 2-4 PM in CS 001A
Sachin Ravi 4-6 PM in CS 001A

Jan 10Thurs David Pritchard 1–2 PM in CS 410
Adam Finkelstein 2-4 PM in CS 424
Pawel Przytycki 1-5 PM in CS 103b

Jan 11Fri Eva Song 9 AM–Noon in lab
David Pritchard 1–3 PM in CS 410
Donna Gabai 2–4 PM in lab

Jan 12Sat Christopher Moretti 1–4 PM in lab

Jan 13Sun Donna Gabai 7–9 PM in lab

Jan 14Mon Christopher Moretti 11 AM – 12 PM in CS 206
David Pritchard 12:30–1:30 PM in CS 410
David August 1:30-5:30PM in CS 209

Jan 15Tues None. Final Project was due Monday 1/14.

Last updated: 1/8/2013