Princeton University

Computer Science 441
Programming Languages
Andrew Appel

Fall 2009

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This schedule is approximate and subject to adjustment.
Be sure to recheck the schedule each Thursday to see whether Friday's class is a Lecture or Lab.
Lab sessions are at 10:00 and 11:00.

Date Monday Wednesday Friday
Sep 14-18 no class today no class today
Coq Installation Notes
Preface; Basics (Basics.v)
Introduction; functional programming (numbers, lists); basic proofs
Sep 21-25 Basics; Lists Lists (Lists.v)
Homework 0 due
Lab (Friend 009)
Homework 1 due Sunday
Sep 28 - Oct 2 Polymorphism (Poly.v) Polymorphism Lab (Friend 009)
Homework 2 due Sunday
Oct 5-7 Propositions (Props.v) Logic (Logic.v) Lecture (CS 105) or Lab (Friend 009)
Homework 3 due Sunday
Oct 12-16 ML programming language; Caml core language
ML; Binomial Queues
Caml reference
Sedgewick Algs 3e, §9.7
Lab (Friend 009)
Homework 4 due Sunday
Oct 19-23 Imperative programs (SfLib.v Imp.v) Imperative programs Lecture (CS 105)
Homework 5 due Sunday
Oct 26-29 Imperative Programs; omega tactic (Omega.v) Informal Proofs In-class midterm exam (CS 105)
Take-home midterm due
Fall Break
Nov 9-13 Program Equivalence (Equiv.v) Program Equivalence Lab (Friend 009)
Homework 6 due Sunday
Nov 16-20 Hoare Logic (Hoare.v) Hoare Logic Lecture (CS 105)
Homework 7 due Sunday
Nov 23-25 Small-step operational semantics (Smallstep.v) Small-step O.S. (holiday)
Nov 30 - Dec 4 Lambda-calculus (Stlc.v)
Homework 8 due
Lambda-calculus Lecture (CS 105)
Homework 9 due Sunday
Dec 7-11 More lambda-calculus (MoreStlc.v) t.b.a. Lab (Friend 009)
Homework 10 due Sunday
Dec 14-18 Compiler Correctness (Compiler.v) Coq tips; (Induction.v)
The Big Picture
Lab, upon request
Jan 8 Homework 11 due
Jan 13-16 Final Exam: Part 1, Part 2