HCI Final Project Reports

As dean's date approaches, you should be finishing up your projects and starting on the final project writeup. It is OK to do this in web-linked or emailed form, but it MUST be one big flat file that we can click on and print out. We don't want to navigate a menu or set of links to get to the individual parts of the report. You may structure a web page like that if you like, but we require a version of it that is one document with headings, etc.

The report should contain all the stuff you've been putting on the updates (group codename, device/system name, who is in the group, what each member was responsible for, what did you build, who will use it, how did you build it, how did you test it), with much more detail on design, but with no timeline for completion, and added formal sections for conclusions, future work, references, and acknowledgements. Feel free to put in as much as you like about the two papers you have or will read for Assignment Omega, and other papers, web links, patents, etc. that your group has discovered in researching your project.

If you have tested humans on your device (which you should have), include sections about the design of your experiment(s), and results of those experiments including data analysis, plots, tables, etc.

Remember all of this is due by 5:PM on Tuesday, Jan 13, and you must also schedule and do a demo for me prior to 2:PM on Friday, January 16th. Wait until your device/system is mostly feature complete, but the earlier the better for demos. Most ideal would be to do the demo on the 12th-14th, modulo getting all your group members, plus your device/system, plus me, in the same place.