Assignment 2, COS 436 HCI Technology

Assignment 2, COS 436 HCI Technology
George Miller's Magical 7 +/- 2

  1. Read George Miller's Original Article

  2. Google up a few (2 or 3) references on this
    historically important topic. Try to find
    references that question it, or redefine it,
    or defend it, or claim to disprove it.

  3. Go out into life, interfaces, and computer situations,
    and find 4 cases that you think might have been
    designed (or happened) in accordance with 7 +/- 2.

    We're not looking for things that don't
    work and you think should use 7+/-2, but
    rather things that work because of 7+/-2
    either by intentional design, or things
    that just adapted and/or worked out so
    as to exploit the concept.

    Defend this with explanations how more or less
    items/etc. would be hard/inefficient to deal with.

Write down your observations in a nice orderly form.
Submit in class on Monday, October 13.