HCI Technology Final Assignment

HCI Literature and You

Princeton University CS, Fall 2008
Due by 5:PM, Mondday, January 12

Even though this assignment is oriented toward
making your group projects as amazing as
possible, each member of your group must do it
individually and turn in a separate written document.

A) All members of your group:
Download the "required paper" from the list
below that is associated with your group name.
Read it, and answer the following questions:

    Note: Please see section viii) below about 
    rules for group collaboration on this project-
    related final assignment.

	i)   What device(s) or technology(s) were the 
		authors trying to build and test?
	ii)  What proposed application(s)s were the 
		authors investigating?
	iii) What question(s) were the authors trying to answer?
	iv)  How many test subjects did the authors use in 
		their evaluation?
	v)   What experimental design procedures did the 
		authors use in their experiments?
	vi)  What were the final results of the experiments?
	vii) What weaknesses did the authors point up (describe) 
		in their own device(s), technology(s), 
		and experiment(s)?

	viii) What have you learned from this, related to your 
		own final project?  (It is OK to consult
		with your project group on this section,
		but you must have read the paper and written
		up sections i - vii by yourself). 

B) Each member of your group:
Find a paper directly related to your
project, download it, and answer
the same questions i - viii above.
You might check out the "see also"
suggestions from the list below
for some ideas, but you might have
or find other papers that are even better.

Your chosen/reviewed paper should be a
journal-style article, preferably from
a journal or conference proceedings (not just
a random web page or other non-academic source).

Confer with your group to determine that your
(B) paper is different from those selected by other
group members.

Include a link to your paper in your writeup.

Feel free to look up papers in journals for
which no .pdf exists on the world-wide internets,
since many of the best journals actually
protect the copyright of the papers.
In this case, actually photocopy the paper
and attach it to your writeup for this assignment.


Required Paper: Electric Field Sensing (especially see Spirit Chair within)
also try to find chair by Russian Guy from ICAD (about 1999 or 2000)
also maybe Selker and Burleson (context-aware)
also maybe some "affective computing" literature (Picard, MIT)
also see Camera Mouse below

Passive Agressive's Violincellerometer with Attitude
Required Paper:Trueman/Cook BOSSA
also see Diana Young
also see Charles Nichols
also see Dan Overholt

Awesome's WiiDJ
Required Paper:Mixxx
also see any of Johnny Chung Lee's Wii Projects
also see ColorDex by Villar, Jervis, and Lang
also see BlockJam by Newton-Dunn, Nakano, and Gibson
also see AudioPad by Patten, Recht, and Ishii

Schnella's EMIT
Required Paper:Score Following in Practice
also see Cook/Morrill Trumpet
also see Dannenberg score following
also see Vercoe score following

Ashwash, Hu, Marcotte, Eye Gesture Detector
Required Paper:Camera Mouse
also see Zhai paper from class notes
also see Eye-Control paper(s) by Ben Knapp and others
also see Eye-tracking paper(s) by Rudmann, McConkie, and Zheng
also see Jacob and Karn's Eye-Tracking Survey

Sleep Hunters (Chris2) Talking Alarm Buddy
Required paper: US Patent 7306567
also see Marble Answering Machine in Tangible Bits below
also see some good overview article on Speech Synthesis/Recognition
also see Voice Fatigue Detection by Greeley, Friets, Wilson, Raghavan, Picone, and Berg

SchaGaDY's Musical Toaster
Required Paper: EyePatch
also see This List
also see This Other List
also try to find something about the SIGGRAPH Electronic Theater pre-show games (massive audience color-paddle controlled video games)

Th@n00bz: Pwn4ge Security Cube
Required Paper:Tangible Bits
also see Autonomous Cube by Van Laerhoven, Villar, Schmidt,Lancaster, Kortuem, and Gellersen
also see Tangible Cubes by Zhou, Cheok, Chan, Pan, and Li
also see Display Cube by Kranz, Schmidt, Holleis, and Schmidt

THAT's ALL!! Have good Finals!
And work on those Final Projects.