COS 432: Information Security

Fall 2008

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Homework 1

Due at 11:00am, Monday September 22

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This is the first in a series of three assignments in which you will build client and server programs that implement the SSH protocol. For background on SSH, see the Wikipedia page.

We will give you some of the code you need, and we'll ask you to provide certain functions missing from the code we provide. The idea is to make you do the interesting parts while providing you with the boring and tedious parts of the SSH implementation.

In this assignment you will familiarize yourself a little with the codebase, you'll get the provided code downloaded and working, and you'll tune up your Python programming skills by writing some simple functions for the SSH shell.

If you haven't programmed in Python and you want to learn how, one good resource is Mark Pilgrim's book, Dive Into Python which is available as a paper book and also for free online.

Everything you need for the assignment is available for download as a zip file. The README file there gives you the details of what to do.

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