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  • Books (* = on reserve):
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  • Web Sites:
  • Centre for Quantum Computation, University of Oxford; an especially good source of introductions and tutorials.

  • Doug Coward's Analog Computer Museum

  • News of Wilbur's linear equation solving machine

  • Miscellaneous Cellular Automata Links (not yet edited or formatted):

     Mirek's homepage source available, lots of static pictures 
     mostly 2-d, Rudy Rucker and John Walker --> appears useful
     huge resource page 
     java applet for Life fractal art 
     workshop: biological pattern formation and CA 
     modeling seashells -- lots of great pictures, not explicitly CA nice picture
    Shells: Conus textile
    Downloaded, used: 
     has 1-d GUI, etc. --> downloaded SteveCA 1/11/05
     lots of examples! use forest fire, Life