Information Security

Working in Groups

Some assignments require you to work in groups. Here are the rules regarding group work.
  1. A group must consist of either two or three people. Solutions turned in by a "group" of one person, or by a group of four or more people, will receive no credit.
  2. You can work in different groups on different assignments. Unless the assignments explicitly say otherwise, there is no need to keep the same group from assignment to assignment.
  3. Each group should submit a single solution, which should be clearly labeled with the names of the group's members. Only one member of the group needs to submit the group's solution. There is no need to submit redundant copies for the other members.
  4. The members of a group will all receive the same grade on an assignment, reflecting the quality of the group's collective solution to the assignment.
  5. It is up to you to divide up the work within your group, and to make sure that the other members of your group meet their commitments. (If a member of your group is consistently irresponsible, let us know and we'll take appropriate action.)
  6. If you have trouble finding a group, let us know and we will help you.

Why Work in Groups?

There are several reasons for our decision to make you work in groups.

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