Computer Science 226
Algorithms and Data Structures
Fall 2004

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Exercises are due at the beginning of lecture on Tuesdays and will be returned in precepts. Those listed without due dates are to be considered tentative.

Exercise Due
Union find 9/14
Elementary sorts 9/21
Quicksort, mergesort 9/21
Priority queues 9/28
Hashing 10/5
Binary search trees 10/5
Balanced trees 10/12
Tries 10/12
Radix sort 10/19
String searching 11/2
Data compression 11/9
Geometric algorithms 11/9
Geometric search 11/16
Undirected graphs 11/16
MST 11/23
Directed graphs 11/23
Shortest paths 11/23
Max flow, min cut 11/30
Pattern matching 12/7
Linear programming 12/7

Grading policy: Grades on the problem set questions will be: 4 (correct), 3 (minor mistake), 2 (major mistake), 1 (poor try) or 0 (all wrong or not submitted).

Lateness Policy: Late problem sets will not be accepted without a University sanctioned excuse or prior approval by a preceptor.

Collaboration policy: Problem sets should reflect your own work, but you are permitted to work with others.