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COS 526 - Advanced Computer Graphics

Fall 2003

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Written Exercise 3

Due Monday, Nov. 17
  1. A diffuse light source with area A emits equal radiance L everywhere across its surface, uniformly in all directions. Find the total power emitted.
  2. A point light source having an intensity of 1 watt per steradian (emitting uniformly in all directions) is 1 meter away from the center of a square patch of surface, of edge length 1 meter. Find the irradiance at the center of the square, and at the corner.

  3. Following are three different versions of the rendering equation. For each one, provide a picture ad short phrase or equation describing each term (e.g., I(x' -> x'') is the intensity of light traveling from point x' to point x''). Then, show that the equations are the same by deriving two of them from one of the others.


Please submit the answers to these questions in writing, in class on November 17 or under the door of CS 405. You may also do the assignment electronically, and submit it in an email to smr@cs.princeton.edu, with "CS526" in the subject line.

Please see the general notes on submitting your assignments, as well as the late policy and the collaboration policy.

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