CS 510: Reference Materials

Types and Programming Languages, by Benjamin Pierce, MIT press, 2001.  (Required and on sale at the campus store.)

Programming Languages: Theory and Practice, by Robert Harper, working draft of June 1, 2001.  (Primary reference)

Modern Compiler Implementation in Java, by Andrew W. Appel. Cambridge, 1998.

Concurrent Programming in ML, by John Reppy, Cambridge University Press, 1999.

Elements of ML Programming, 2nd edition, by Jeffrey D. Ullman, Prentice Hall, 1998.

The Java Programming Language, by Ken Arnold, James Gosling, and David Holmes. 3rd edition, Addison-Wesley, 2000.

Monitors: an operating system structuring concept, by C. A. R. Hoare, Communications of the ACM, Vol. 17, No. 10, October 1974, pp. 549-557.