CS 510: Assignments

Assignment #1:  Introduction to ML.  Due September 22.

Assignment #2:  Lambda calculus.  Due September 29.

Assignment #3:  Lambda calculus & MinML.  Due October 6.

Assignment #4:  MinML typing.  Due October 20.  You have 2 weeks!  You will also need this zip file full of SML code for the assignment.

Assignment #5:  Dynamic typing.  Due November 17.  You will need this ZIP file full of code

Assignment #6:  Representation Independence.  Due Wednesday, November 26.  You can also hand this in on Monday November 24th.  At any rate, it is due before leaving for Thanksgiving!

Assignment #7:  Bi-directional type inference.  Due Monday, December 8th.  You will need this zip file full of code.

TA Assignments

Assignment # TAs
1 Frances Spalding
2 Easwaran Raman
3 Eddie Chlamtac
4 Eric Banks
midterm David Walker
5 Zafer Barutcuoglu
6 Shien Ong
7 Mike Wawrtoniak
8 Aquinas Hobor