COS 432: Information Security

Fall 2003

General information


Schedule is subject to change. Please re-check this page periodically.

Date Lecture topic Homework Due
Thu 11 Sep How to Think About Security
Tue 16 Sep Storing data securely on insecure media: integrity
Thu 18 Sep Authenticating people Assignment 0: Warmup
Tue 23 Sep Message authentication codes and random numbers
Thu 25 Sep Stream ciphers
Tue 30 Sep Block ciphers Assignment 1: User Authentication
Thu 2 Oct TBD (probably guest lecture)
Tue 7 Oct Public-key crypto
Thu 9 Oct Key exchange and key management Assignment 2: Encrypted Sockets
Tue 14 Oct Putting it together: The SSH protocol
Thu 15 Oct Protecting Hosts from Malicious Programs
Tue 21 Oct Buggy programs and security Assignment 3: Design Review for Encrypted Sockets
Thu 23 Oct Midterm exam
Tue 4 Nov Access control
Thu 6 Nov Information Flow and Multi-Level Security Assignment 4: Key Exchange
Tue 11 Nov Network Security: Protecting the Infrastructure
Thu 13 Nov Firewalls and Virtual Private Networks Assignment 5: Design Review for Key Exchange
Tue 18 Nov Privacy and anonymity
Thu 20 Nov E-commerce security
Tue 25 Apr E-Commerce Security: Off-line systems
Tue 2 Dec Formal methods Assignment 6: Lottery Security Design
Thu 4 Dec Protecting programs against hosts
Tue 9 Dec Intellectual property and copy protection
Thu 11 Dec TBD Assignment 7: Design Review for Lottery Security
TBD Final Exam

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