CS 510: Assignments

Assignment #1:  Introduction to ML.  Due Sept. 23.  A solution is here.

Assignment #2:  Debrujin indices.  Due Oct. 7.  For this assignment, you will need to use the following code handout.  It is a Windows zip file.  Please let me know if you have difficulty opening it or extracting the code. 

Assignment #3:  MinML Typing and Type Safety.  Due date extended to Oct. 16. 

Assignment #4:  Dynamic typing.  Due in class Wednesday Oct. 23rd or before 4:00 on Friday Oct. 25th in Tina's office (CS 410).  You will need the following code handout to complete this assignment. 

Assignment #5:  Bi-Directional Type Inference.  Due in class, Wednesday Nov. 27.  You'll need the following code hand out to complete this assignment.

Assignment #6:  Featherweight Java.  Due in class, Monday Dec 9.

Final Exam:  Due January 17th, 12 noon.  See the exam for full instructions.


TA Assignments

Assignment # TAs
1 S. Zhang, S. Gaw
2 M.  Bridges, Wei Qin
3 T.  Briggs, M. Sharif
4 K.  Park, N. Vachharajani
5 D. Dantas, K. Jim
6 J. Wei, Q. Wu
7 P. Chang, B. Guo
8 J. White, D. Thunen