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Fall 2002

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HCI Lecture and Laboratory Schedule: Fall 2002

Date Lecture Labs/Assignments/Exams
Sept. 16(or 14)
Yom Kippur
No Class, BUT!!!!
See Assignment ------->
Assignment 1, Due Mon., Sept. 23th
Working with computers:
Observe, Sketch, Think, Improve, Write-Up
Sept. 18, Wed.
First Class
Overview of Class
Interface Introduction (from Bill Verplank)
Fitts' Law (the one theory in HCI??)
Sept. 23, Mon. Design of Input Devices (from Shumin Zhai
A nice interview with Doug Engerbart
Mouse User Design and MORE about MEECE
Assignment 1 due
Lab #1: Input Devices: Human Factors
Sept. 25, Wed. Basic Physics Overview/Intro
Basic Electronics Intro/Overview
Sept. 30, Mon. Principles of Sensors Lab #2: Input Devices: Resistive Sensors
Oct. 2, Wed. Signal Conditioning / Preprocessing / Data Acquisition *** Lab 1 Due ***
Oct. 7, Mon. NO CLASS. WORK ON LABS 2 and 3 Lab #3: Piezo and Capacitive Sensors
Oct. 9, Wed. Serial I/O, MIDI *** Lab 2 Due ***
Oct. 14, Mon. Digital Signal Processing
Pattern Recognition
Lab #4: Data Analysis and Pattern Recognition
Oct. 16, Wed. Feature Selection/Data Clustering
Neural Nets and Cool NN Applications and Smell Chips!!
Fuzzy/Neural Pattern Recognition
*** Lab 3 Due ***
Oct. 21, Mon. BioMetrics Midterm available today, 48 hours.
Last due time Friday, Oct. 25, 5:PM.
Oct. 23, Wed. Take Home Midterm available, due before Friday 5:PM, 48 hours total. *** Lab 4 Due ***
Oct. 25, Fri. *** Midterms Due Today by 5:PM *** *** Midterms Due Today by 5:PM ***
10/26-2/2 BREAK Week .
Click here for 2nd half schedule

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