Princeton University
Computer Science Dept.

Computer Science 597e
Advanced Topics in Computer Science:
Shape Analysis

Fall 2001

General Information:

Time: Tuesdays 3:30-5:20PM
Place: Computer Science 402
Instructors: Chazelle, Dobkin, Finkelstein, Funkhouser, Jacobs, Rusinkiewicz
Grading: Undergraduates are encouraged to participate in this course, but they cannot take it for credit.


The main objective of the course is to investigate methods for automatic retrieval and analysis of 3D models.  Potential topics include representation, matching, recognition, clustering, classification, and semantic tagging of 3D models.  Discussion will focus on new theory for the representation of 3D shape, new data structures and algorithms for indexing and search of 3D models, new query interfaces for shape-based retrieval, and new infrastructure for future research in 3D shape retrieval and analysis. The course will be run as reading seminar with different paper(s) discussed each week.  There will be no formal homework assignments, and thus undergraduates cannot take this course for credit.


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Date Moderator Topic
9/18/01  All  Introduction
9/25/01  Tom and Patrick  Chordal Axis Transform
10/2/01  Patrick  Skeletons
10/9/01  Misha  Symmetry Descriptors 
10/16/01  Joyce  Query Interfaces
10/23/01  Alex  Web Search
10/30/01  All  Workshop
11/6/01  All  Review of workshop
11/27/01     )

9/18: Introduction

9/25: Chordal Axis Transform 10/2: Skeletons 10/9: Symmetry Descriptors 10/16: Query Interfaces 10/23: Web Search 11/6: Review of Workshop 11/13: Topic 11/20: Topic 11/27: Topic 12/4: Topic 12/11: Topic


Xuetao Li, Tong Wing Woon, Tiow Seng Tan, Zhiyong Huang,
Decomposing Polygon Meshes for Interactive Applications,
SIGGRAPH Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics, 2001, 35-42.

Misha Kazhdan et al.
A Reflective Symmetry for 3D Voxel Models
to be submitted for publication.

Lakshman Prasad,
Morphological Analysis of Shapes,
CNLS Newsletter, No. 139, LALP-97-010-139,
Center for Nonlinear Studies, T-DOT, Theoretical Division,
Los Alamos National Laboratory, July 1997.

Lakshman Prasad,
A Geometric Transform for Shape Feature Extraction,
Mathematical Imaging, 4117 Vision Geometry IX,
Proc. of the 45th SPIE Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, 2000.

Lakshman Prasad,
Feature-Based Syntactic and Metric Shape Recognition,
Mathematical Imaging, 4117 Vision Geometry IX,
Proc. of the 45th SPIE Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, 2000.

Michael Elad,  Ayellet Tal and Sigal Ar,
Content Based Retrieval of VRML Objects - An Iterative and Interactive Approach
EG Multimedia, September 2001, 97-108.