Syllabus for COS 597B - Fall '00

The hard part

The work in this seminar will be evenly divided between projects and presentations, as follows.

Projects. Students in the seminar will form groups of one, two, or three. Each group will do one big project that spans the semester. The scale of the project should be roughly the scale of picking out a SIGGRAPH paper and implementing what it describes.

Papers / Presentations. Each week one student will begin the seminar with a brief (10 min) art presentation. This is just an informal, low-key way to get things rolling and to learn about some different art styles. For most weeks, the rest of the seminar will be devoted to discussion of three papers which everyone will have read ahead of time. A few participants will lead the discussion. In advance of the seminar, everyone will have sent a written review of the papers by email.

Grading. Here is how grades are computed:

  50% Project - one during the semester, groups of up to 3 students
     15 Proposal (written/presentation)
     10 Progress Reports (x2)
     25 Final (results/presentation)
  50% Papers/Presentations
     10 Paper Reviews - every week
     10 Discussion - every week
     25 Presenting Papers - once during the semester per student
      5 Presenting Art - once during the semester per student


Link here for the full list of papers.
 9/18 Course introduction; Intro to silhouettes 
 9/25 Silhouettes and line drawing 
10/02 Painterly rendering 
10/09 No class (Yom Kippur holiday); Project groups formed
10/16 Project proposal day
10/23 Simulating physical media and Halftoning 
11/06 Pen and ink (1st part)
11/13 Progress 1; Finish pen and ink
11/20 Modeling 
11/27 Non-traditional perspective
12/04 Technical illustration 
12/11 Progress 2; Natural phenomena
 1/22 Final presentations (some time this week)