CS109 Schedule, Fall 2000

Mon Dec 4 11:25:57 EST 2000

Subject to change. Be sure to check readings and assignments for changes up to a week before due.

Labs and problem sets will be posted as they become available...

Sep 14 Introduction, and an example
Problem set 1, due Sep 21
Sep 19, 21 What's in a computer; CPU, memory, disks, etc.
Reading: article on How microprocessors work
Problem set 2, due Sep 28
Sep 26, 28 How machines are made. Bits, bytes, and representation.
Reading: Intel web pages on how chips are made and Moore's Law.
Whatis has some very short articles on bits, bytes, and binary; as usual, How Stuff Works has a useful longer article.
Lab 1: Windows NT, Netscape, Telnet, mail, FTP
Problem set 3, due Oct 5
Oct 3, 5 Software and algorithms
Reading: Some suggested reading ...
Lab 2: HTML and web page design
Problem set 4, due Oct 12
Oct 10, 12 Languages, programming; Visual Basic
Reading: a tutorial on the VB environment; you might also look at a much longer tutorial. Some of these links seem to have died recently; here are a couple of others: one, another.
Lab 3: Advanced HTML
Problem set 5, due Oct 19
Oct 17, 19 Visual Basic. Operating systems
Reading: Dave Farber's testimony in the Microsoft trial on the nature of software development; an essay about operating systems, the first quarter of which is fun.
Lab 4: Introduction to Visual Basic / Programming fundamentals
Oct 24, 26 File systems, information storage. Applications, real-world programming
Reading: Professor Mahoney's Freshman seminar on The World of the Computer has a lot of interesting reading, including a Unix oral history.
Take-home midterm, due Oct 27 5PM.
No lab, no problem set due this week.
Problem set 6, due Nov 9
  [fall break]
Nov 7, 9 Networks & communications, Internet
Reading: Skim some of the Internet history papers
Lab 5: More Visual Basic / user interfaces
Problem set 7, due Nov 17
Nov 14, 16 World Wide Web; cookies and viruses
Reading: browse around in the following Web history
Lab 6: Graphics
Problem set 8, writing assignment, due Dec 7
Nov 21 Security and privacy
Reading: what do they know about you?
No problem set or lab this week
Nov 28, 30 Nov 28: Guest lecturer: Eszter Hargittai, Sociology.
Nov 30: Cryptography.

Reading: FAQ on cryptography
Lab 7: Sound and multimedia
Dec 5, 7 Dec 5: Guest lecturer: Perry Cook, Computer Science.
Dec 7: Compression & error detection.

Reading: The Heavenly Jukebox, Charles C. Mann, The Atlantic Monthly, September 2000.
Lab 8: Spreadsheets
Writing assignment due Dec 7
Dec 12, 14 Napster and intellectual property. Cellular telephony. Wrapup
No more labs or problem sets!
  [Christmas holiday]
Sometime during
reading period
Review session, if anyone expresses an interest
Saturday, January 27,
8:30 AM [sic],
EQuad C-207
Final exam
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