CS109 Web Pages

These web pages appealed to me for some reason or another. Your mileage may vary.

Sites that explain things:

  • good descriptions of all kinds of stuff, including lots of computer-related material
  • dictionary of computer terms
  • short definitions and pointers for terms
  • MPEG info
  • MP3 info
  • AltaVista technical talk by Dick Sites
  • interesting kid's-level presentation of error detection


  • Details about this year's computer offering for incoming freshmen
  • Intel's table of processor sizes and dates
  • very good animated description of chip fabrication
  • Intel's summary of processor information; good photographs of chips
  • photomicrograph of piece of a chip

    Security and privacy:

  • info about cookies
  • what do they know about you?
  • privacy, etc., from American Civil Liberties Union
  • Federal Election Commission: who gave how much to who?
  • Java security info

    Other kinds of risks:

  • the Risks Digest
  • large undigested listing of computer risks stories


  • What should learned people know about computing?
  • original Vannevar Bush article "as we may think", Atlantic Monthly, 1945
  • Martin Greenberger 1964 article "the computers of tomorrow" that follows
  • the great internet mersenne prime search
  • article about other distributed problems, notably SETI
  • the real story of ping; also has much info on early computers, especially eniac


  • digitized pictures of the whole world, almost
  • what time is it?

    Internet/Web pages...

  • internet statistics
  • arguably the world's smallest web server
  • Linux on a wrist-watch

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