Sonya Nikolova, Ph.D.

Research Interests: human-computer interaction, assistive technology, natural language processing, and machine learning.

Refereed Conference Papers
Nikolova, S., Tremaine, M. & Cook, P. 2010. Click on bake to get cookies: guiding word finding with semantic associations. Accepted to ASSETS’10.

Nikolova, S., Ma, X., Tremaine, M. & Cook, P. 2010. Vocabulary navigation made easier. In Proceedings of IUI’10, 361-364.

Nikolova, S., Boyd-Graber, J., Fellbaum, C. & Cook, P. 2009. Better vocabularies for assistive communication aids: connecting terms using semantic networks and untrained annotators. In Proceedings of ASSETS’09, 171-178.

Nikolova, S., Boyd-Graber, J. & Cook, P. 2009. The design of ViVA: a mixed-initiative visual vocabulary for aphasia. In Proceedings of CHI’09, 415-420.

Ma, X., Boyd-Graber, J., Nikolova, S. & Cook, P. 2009. Speaking through pictures: images vs. icons. In Proceedings of ASSETS’09, 163-170.

Ma, X., Nikolova, S. & Cook, P. 2009. W2ANE: when words are not enough–online multimedia language assistant for people with aphasia. In Proceedings of Multimedia’09, 749-752.

Boyd-Graber, J., Nikolova, S., Moffatt, K., Kin, K., Lee, J., Mackey, L., Tremaine, M., & Klawe, M. 2006. Participatory design with proxies: developing a desktop-PDA system to support people with aphasia. In Proceedings of CHI’06, 151-160.

Book Chapter
Nikolova, S., Boyd-Graber, J., & Fellbaum, C. (in press). Collecting semantic similarity ratings to connect concepts in assistive communication tools. In: A. Storrer et al., Eds. Modeling, Learning and Processing of Text Technological Data Structures. Studies in Computational Intelligence. Heidelberg/New York: Springer.

Refereed Workshop Papers
Nikolova, S. 2010. Building semantic networks to improve word finding in assistive communication tools. In Proceedings of the 2010 Semantic Models for Adaptive Interactive System Workshop, Hong Kong, China.

Nikolova, S. 2009. Improving vocabulary organization in assistive communication tools: a mixed-initiative approach. (ASSETS 2009 Doctoral Consortium). In SIGACCESS Accessibility and Computing Newsletter, 96, 54–58.

Nikolova, S. & Ma, X. 2008. Assistive mobile communication support. In Proceedings of the Workshop on Mobile Language Processing, Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics–08: Human Language Technology, Columbus, OH, USA.

Moffatt, K., Nikolova, S., Ma, X. & Boyd-Graber, J. 2007. The aphasia project: designing technology for and with individuals who have aphasia. In Proceedings of the Workshop on Intelligent Systems for Assisted Cognition, Rochester, NY, USA.

Article about the Aphasia Project and my research in the Princeton Alumni Weekly.