Drew Dean

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I have graduated. I'm now at SRI International's Computer Science Laboratory. I still read email at Princeton occasionally, but don't count on it. N.B:90+% of email I receive here is spam, so SpamAssassin is set to dump it in /dev/null. My apologies if I don't see your email.


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Contact Info:

SRI International
333 Ravenswood Ave.
Menlo Park, CA 94025
I was a cofounder of the Secure Internet Programming Group at Princeton. My earlier papers (including my thesis) are available there. Later papers will show up on the WWW sometime in the future.
My networking tutorial (given at RISC Linz, May-June 1993) and 1992 ML Workshop paper on implementing a distributed filesystem in Standard ML are available. My resume is no longer available, please send email if you desire one. Bruce Schneier wrote a great essay, "Why Cryptography is Harder than it Looks," on the difficulty of building secure systems. Unfortunately, URLs are not good archival sources. When I read the essay, its MD5 hash was 8de967cfc1a574620c4d09493d1b3f64. Double check that if you want to be sure you're reading what I read.
Department of Computer Science, Princeton University